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Corascendea, forever branded “a Slovak”, became British in 1983 and she relinquished her Czecho-Slovak citizenship in 1985.

She had a German mother and an Austro-Hungarian father. As a child she was multilingual and she became an above-nationally minded pacifistic person. As a UK business management scientist, based on an Anglo-German study, she has proven the benefits to be derived from a constructive collaboration between different cultures of nations, with the result bringing synergistic results. This line of thinking was alien to Anglo-Saxons who only believe in pursuing economic aims, globally.

Any form of Nazism as practiced in contemporary Britain is strange and repulsive to Corascendea. It damages the country and demeans every individual who in his or her ignorance subscribes to it. Contemporary British Nazism is fuelled by internal forces responsible for the British economic decline, who blame it on any foreigners entering, while not as much as mentioning the effect that the British and the Western economic expansion in general, bring to other countries. Large numbers from Eastern Europe emigrate as an alternative to an on-going economic and social genocide that has come to accompany their new "democracies". If the uneducated, work shy and criminally minded favour specifically Britain, perhaps the British authorities should ask themselves, why.

Corascendea was educated and keen to work and she was forced on the dole, because the Brits would not tolerate a "foreigner" with abilities they themselves do not have, even if it means having to damage the interests of the society. When Corascendea attempted to defended herself, she became a possibly unprecedented target of orchestrated hate with the aim of her complete annihilation.